[Short essay] "The advantages and disadvantages of self-employment"

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Sep 21, 2014 19:53
In the current decline of Japan’s economy, a growing number of university graduates started to consider self-employment rather than seeking job opportunities in large scaled enterprises, as it is not as economically promising as it used be. In this essay, I would like to illustrate advantages and disadvantages of self-employment.

First, in self-employment, you do not work under any supervision and you can determine your working hours yourself. It may sound “easy-going”, but, it actually means that you have to manage your time keeping some level of productivity. It might be more uncomfortable if you are used to be controlled.

Second, in self-employment, you can design your business in the way you want by yourself. And therefore, it may gives you higher-self-satisfaction. However, the business you decided to conduct based on your preference does not necessarily match the needs of markets. Potential risks are higher than those businesses of larger organization with firmer economic background.

As I illustrated above, advantages and disadvantages of self-employment are all linked and in trade-off relation.

In conclusion, if you can properly analyze its positive side and negative side, and still feel the value to get into it, I believe that it is respectable decision. It may be ironically best time to pursue your own possibility in the current cloudy economic status.