[Short essay] Should cloning research be promoted, or should it be discontinued?

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Dec 4, 2018 20:19
The last decade saw a dramatic advancement of biotechnology. While some of them have already been justified and applied to industry, there are some areas which are still controversial. Cloning technology is one of them. Although some argue the cloning research should be discontinued, I believe it should be promoted for the following reasons.

First, it will help save currently endangered species. Humans have been hunting animals to satisfy their economic desires without a long-term outlook. Many animals that can be a source of rare materials have been overly killed and facing extinction. Some specific species have already been completely lost and leading the change in the ecosystem. We may make them revive by cloning technology to maintain the ecosystem.

Second, it can solve the problem of food shortage that humans are and will be facing. Clone technology will enable us to reproduce animals which can be a source of our diet. We may have to take this option when other trials to solve the issue turn to be a failure.

Finally, cloning technology has a large potential to play an important role in the medical application. It may enable us to defeat the currently incurable diseases. For example, we may reproduce live organs or tissues that can be used for the remedy of diseases which currently cannot be cured with artificially made synthetic organs.

For the reasons above, I believe that we should continue to explore the possibility of clone technology, although, humans should be humble in front of nature and limit the usage of the technology always carefully taking moral into consideration.