[Expression] 粉をかける

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Sep 18, 2014 11:42
There is the old Japanese expression 「粉をかける」. It means "hit on" or ”try to pick up". It is an obsolete expression and we rarely hear it, today. Only some grandpa and grandma may be still using the expression. But, I like it as it sounds very nostalgic.
( "This isn't the time for you to hit on girls!")
sounds like listening to the Rakugo (traditional Japanese sit-down comedy) in good old days in Japan.

「ナンパ」is probably the most frequently used expression today, but you need to be a little careful to use it as it could sound very shallow. To describe the situation like "a descent adult speaks to an opposite sex on the street", 「声をかける」is more appropriate words. For instance, if a young guy ask you your phone number on the street, that is 「ナンパ」. On the other hand, if a gentlemen speak to you in a public place, you may want to use the expression 「声をかける」.

To wrap up to make it simple, If the guy goes like "Hey!", it is 「ナンパ」. if ”Mademoiselle?", it is 「声をかける」.
(Maybe I am going too far?)