[Short essay] Ways to make Japan a better place for families

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Oct 4, 2014 07:34
Japan is considered to have been providing an expected level of support to family lives as one of the most developed countries. However, as societies change, the fundamental needs for families have slightly been changing. In order to make Japan a better place for families, I believe follows are key factors.

First, cities should be designed taking families into consideration. Parks with secured safety are essential for families’ activities with children. Powers of individuals are limited to protect their children from increasing child related crimes in cities. Of course safety in larger scale such as proper control on pollution and safety of power plants has to be promised for families to lead lives without anxieties.

Second, average costs of child education tend to rise in advanced nations, and Japan is not an exception. Many people are apprehensive about the education level and environment provided in public schools. And some of them are unwillingly send their children to private institution to seek higher level of education. Education provided in public schools should more be enhanced in qualities.

Third, in many company working condition of women with children is not yet sufficiently equipped. Therefore, the current high expenses for family lives tend to be a heavy burden for the families in modern Japan.

In conclusion, family is the smallest but most fundamental unit of societies. I believe a society where families can lead secured lives is a sound nation. Certainly there are many things individuals can do to create better society for family lives, but it is limited. To keep this great country our ancestors have fostered better place for families, efforts in government level are indispensable.
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