[Tradition] What will you see in "Hatsuyume"?

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Jan 1, 2015 23:27
[Tradition] What will you see in "Hatsuyume"?

In Japan, there is a traditional custom to tell one's fortune for new year from what he/she see in the first dream of the year. The first dream of the new year is called "Hatsuyume" in Japanese. In the concept of Hatsuyume, the first dream is generally supposed to be the one you see in the night between the 1st and the 2nd of January (some people argue it is the night of 2nd of January, though).

There are several items which are supposed to be a sign of good luck if you see in Hatsuyume. It is believed that the best one is "Mt.Fuji", the second is "Hawk", and the third is "Eggplant". There is the traditional expression to remember it as one sentence like a spell phrase, which is "Ichi fuji ni taka san nasubi". It can be word-for-word translated to "One Fuji, Two Hawk, Three Eggplant."

The reason why Mt.Fuji is a lucky item is because of its shape which is broaden towards the end. The reason for Hawk is because it can rise to sky high like rising fortune. However, the reason for Eggplant is a little hard to explain as it involves some play on words in Japanese.

As you all know, an eggplant is normally glossy and has no hair. "Hair" is "Ke" in Japaneses, therefore "It has no hair" is "Ke ga nai" in Japanese (Ke=hair, ga=particle for the subject, nai=not exist). However, if "ke" and "ga" are combined, it becomes "kega" which means "injury", so "Kega nai" means "No injury". Therefore, Egglant is an item symbolizing no misfortune.

I wonder if you will see any of them in your Hatsuyume?