[Short speech] Eating insects gives positive impact to the world hunger

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Nov 22, 2019 11:11
From the view of imbalance between food demand and supply for the world population approaching 8 billion, it is quite obvious that we are soon facing poverty on the world scale. To survive the situation, I strongly recommend exploring the possibility of eating insects. Follows are the reasons why I believe so.

First, the diet of insects has been widely accepted historically all over the world. For instance, it was quite common to eat insects such as glass hoppers and silkworm pupa in Japan. They contained a lot of protein and were just ideal nutritious source for Japanese who are not strong meat-eater. Therefore, we should be able to introduce insects to households with relatively low resistance.

Secondly, insects are generally easy to breed due to their strong fertility. Besides, some technologies to farm insects such as bee farming have already been established and it can easily be applied to future insect farming on a larger scale.

For those reasons, historical background and its easiness of farming, I believe that insects can be a great candidate for our main source of nutrition in the future. Let's close your eyes and try it. It should not be as bad as its appearance.