[Short essay] Agree or disagree : Our modern life style is unsustainable

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Sep 23, 2014 15:46
Especially in the last century, our life style has dramatically changed. Our current modern lifestyle requires tremendous natural resources consumption which is far incomparative to other eras. I believe our modern lifestyle is unsustainable unless we start to consider seriously what it comes at the expense of.

Today, technologies are closely related to our modern lives. It certainly makes our lives efficient, but it made us to have consumed natural resources more than ever. People drive cars to commute consuming gasoline, and cities are lighted up through the night with electricity consumption.

In addition, housewives use great number of electric appliances for their household every day. According to some research, the energy or the horse power which each single house wife consumes is equivalent to that "Daimyo", prefectural king who governed millions of his citizens in old Edo era of Japan, about 300 years ago.

Natural resources are limited. However, we are probably wasting them too much with our current modern lifestyle. In addition, we are destructing natural environment with high energy consumption some of which lead very serious negative effect as climate changes.

In conclusion, our modern life style is unsustainable if we continue it in the current unplanned manner. It is time for us to start considering the outcome of it seriously, not passing the issue to our next generation.