[Diary] Total lunar eclipse

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Oct 8, 2014 22:16
Today, we had a total lunar eclipse around 20:00 in Japan. It was able to be observed quite clearly from Tokyo although there were some cloud covered the moon from time to time. The sight in silence of the night made me very calm.

One of the mysterious facts of the moon is that it always keeps the same side facing to the earth while it revolves around us. Therefore the surface pattern on the moon we see remains the same all the time.

People in different countries projected different images to the pattern on the moon all over the world. Our ancestors in Japan projected an image of a rabbit pounding sticky rice into a rice cake to the pattern on the moon.

When I wondered and searched how it was projected in other countries, I found a website with a list of what people in old days saw in the pattern on the moon as follows.

Native Canadian : a girl carrying a bucket
Northern European : an old lady reading a book
Southern European : a crab with big scissors
Eastern European : a profile of a woman
Viking (Northern European) : a man and a woman carrying water
Arabian : a barking lion
German : a man carrying a faggot

Click to see images:

Isn't it interesting to see how a single image was perceived differently depending on the cultural back grounds?

What do you see on the moon?




日本       : 餅をつくウサギ
カナダインディアン: バケツを運ぶ少女
北ヨーロッパ   : 本を読むおばあさん
南ヨーロッパ   : 大きなはさみのカニ
東ヨーロッパ   : 横向きの女性
バイキング(北ヨーロッパ): 水をかつぐ男女
アラビア     : ほえているライオン
ドイツ      : 薪をかつぐ男