[Short essay] Agree or disagree: Infectious diseases will become a bigger problem in the coming decades

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Jun 24, 2019 13:19
There has been growing attention to infectious diseases through our recent experiences in the outbreak of certain pandemic diseases. I believe the situation will be worse and we will have a greater problem with infectious diseases in the coming decades for the following three reasons.

First, the mobility of people is and much more rapid and frequent compared to the past. With borderless nations, it will be easy for those diseases to spread. Also, the wider the area of infection, the more difficult to identify the origin of the problem to terminate its cause.

Second, the population is still growing especially in developing nations, thus causing population density. In those areas, often medical institutes are not sufficient and hygiene condition is inferior. Once infectious diseases outbreak, it is hard to address the issue effectively.

Finally, the characteristics of some viruses are becoming complicated, and they often become resistant to certain antibiotics through long exposure to them. Because of this, I would expect that suppressing infectious diseases will be even challenging in the future.

For above-mentioned reasons, the mobility of people, inferior conditions in the developing world and the resistance of viruses, I believe that infectious diseases will be more complex existence to humans in the coming decades. Nevertheless, we should maintain the continuous development of our technologies in biology and medicine so that we can minimize the effect on future generations.
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