Message from Japan

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Apr 4, 2011 11:10
The earthquake that made the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the Tohoku region a hypocenter occurred on March 11.
Japan is in a very difficult situation due to the earthquake now.

A lot of Japanese have expressed gratitude for the support held out by every country in the world.
It is encouraged by all of support people's activities.
Thank you really.

The accident of the nuclear plant causes Japan a serious problem.
People in the world must note a lie and wrong information about conditions surrounding Japan.
Japan doesn't become land of the death where no one can live.
Please obtain correct information about the radioactivity, the radiation, and the radioactive substance.

The power of people still waits for the rescue.
A groundless lie only troubles the nervous victim further.
The Japanese is not giving up hoping though it is easy to become pessimistic.
Please believe Japan.