The new decision of my birthday

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Nov 13, 2011 23:07
Now, Japan is surrounded by TPP all over the world and is a crisis of annihilation.

However, I have a dream.
"I want "comics of Japan and the fan of anime and culture" in the world to become fortunate."
I decided to newly take action for my dream.
○I sell off the product (comics and anime game) of Japanese culture to a foreign country there "where the post office in Japan will tie up with e-bay next year, and it will discount a dispatch charge" using e-bay.
○I manage website about Japanese culture using the sale fund which I got.
○I start SNS in a tentative way from today.
(For website construction next year)
◇English SNS:
◇German SNS: (now construction)
◇French SNS: (now construction)
◇Spanish SNS : (undecidedness)


1. The experiment of SNS of these is the purpose.
2. Nothing is written to SNS of these yet.
3. SNS of these is targeted at those who understand a japanese language.
4. Carry out the result of having examined by SNS of these to reference of WEBSITE to be built next year.

○My policy objective is establishing service in the network for aiding the foreigner who gets interested in Japanese culture, and the company of goods sale.